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Daniel Bryan Discusses Facing John Cena At SummerSlam, His Relationship With CM Punk, More

Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena

DIRECTV recently interviewed Daniel Bryan, and discussed a number of topics, including his upcoming match with John Cena at SummerSlam, his start in the business, and more. Some highlights are below:

[Mick Foley] said your match with John Cena at SummerSlam would be one of the few matches that, as a fan, he would do anything to see live and that while Cena has been great for the company, he thinks your time is now. Hearing that coming from Mick Foley, what are your thoughts?
Well, I hope he is right and that my time is now. I feel like it is. It’s also very humbling. You know it’s crazy because I feel like my story is very much like Mick Foley’s story in the sense that I grew up a really hardcore wrestling fan and it took Mick a really long time to get to the WWE and to get opportunities to become respected. But it was the people who brought Mick to the main event, it was the people who were so entertained by how good he was – I feel the it’s the same for me. I’ve been wrestling 14 years so when you get a compliment from Mick like that it’s pretty awesome.

He also went on to say that your match would be competing with the CM PUNK v. Brock Lesnar match for Match of the Show at SummerSlam.
I think there is also a bit of competitiveness behind it. We feel that we are carrying on the tradition of being a wrestler and with that there’s comes a certain pride in having the best match of the show and being the best performer. It’s unspoken but each of us come SummerSlam, we’re going to go out there and want people to remember our match. There will definitely be an element of one-upsmanship. Everyone at SummerSlam wants their match to be the best.

Can you talk a bit more about your relationship [with CM Punk]?
It’s interesting because CM Punk and I have a lot in common personally, yet we are very different. He is very brash and kind of says whatever he feels. I’m more laid back and not the most outgoing person. But we have a certain respect for each other. I have been on shows that Punk drove 14 or 15 hours for from Chicago to get paid 100 bucks. We’ve done those shows in front of 30 people together. It’s a long road for guys like us to get here. I’m always astounded. There was that December PPV when I had cashed in my Money in the Bank contract to beat Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship and Punk had retained his WWE title that same night. We used to work on the indies together and then there we were, both champions. No one really thought we could do it. It’s very cool and surreal.

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