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Daniel Bryan Discusses The Tipping Point, Overcoming Challenges, Next Big Star

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Zap 2 It has a new Q&A with Daniel Bryan to promote Sunday's SummerSlam pay-per-view. Below are the highlights:

The WWE audience embracing him after Wrestlemania 28:

It's hard to say. I don't know if you've ever read "The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell. It essentially talks about how things catch on and how there's a point, and it's hard to tell what causes it or why it happens., but there's just this point where something becomes really popular. Like, for example, Vans shoes. They were a very underground thing and then a couple stars started wearing them and all of a sudden everyone had Vans shoes.

I remember in high school, I had Vans shoes. I didn't skateboard, I didn't surf, I didn't do anything like that, but here I was wearing this skateboarding/surfing company's shoe, right? It was just this cascade. I feel like my popularity is kind of the same thing. I shouldn't necessarily be a popular character in a mainstream wrestling organization. But somehow those people in Miami at Wrestlemania brought it to other people's attention and it just cascaded off of that.

Returning [to WWE] with momentum only to stall:

When I came back at SummerSlam 2010 it was interesting, because it was the main event in a tag match. I thought "Wow, this is going to be huge! She sky is the limit!" And then it wasn't. [laughs] After that I won the United States Championship and performed on a couple pay per views in a row, but then I wasn't in a singles match on pay per view for a year.

It's one of those things, when I'd gotten fired and then rehired and shortly after that you think "What can I do to get to the next level?" A lot of the guys on the undercard are thinking "How do I break through and get popular with the fans? How do I break through in the management's eyes? How do I break through and get to that next level?"

The next "big star of the future":

You know, it's hard for me to say because I haven't seen all those guys. Someone I have a soft spot in my heart for is Sami Zayn. He wrestled as El Generico in the independents. In the ring he's just phenomenal. I saw a couple of his matches with Antonio Cesaro and it's some of the best wrestling this year, as far as I'm concerned, even compared to the stuff you see on WWE TV.

If he can get the personality to match his wrestling skills, I haven't seen any of his interviews, but he has loads of personality as a human being and I can only imagine if he's able to transfer that onto television he should be a big star, I'd hope. But you never know, because size might hold him back for a little bit, but talent always shines through.

Click here to read the Q&A in its entirety.

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