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Daniel Bryan Discusses Working As A Heel, His WrestleMania XXVIII Match With Sheamus, More

Daniel Bryan was recently interviewed by The Daily World and discussed a number of topics, including wrestling in his backyard during his childhood, his transition into having a heel persona and using his vegan lifestyle to draw heat, his upcoming match at WrestleMania XXVIII with Sheamus, and more. In the following excerpt, Bryan discusses working as a heel:

“I’ve always loved being a bad guy; there’s something more fun about it. It always makes me smile. Now, I’ll hear my music and (the crowd) instantly starts booing. I have to keep myself from laughing, because it makes me happy.”

Bryan also discussed what he learned on the indy circuit:

“Confidence, I’ve been in just about every possibility imaginable in the ring. What (those matches) do is instill in you confidence that you can go out there and do your job and perform. I’ve been in the ring when a wrestler snapped his leg during a match. I’ve been in the ring when a fan runs in, with no security and the only one there to help you is your opponent."

Bryan was then asked about his match with Sheamus, to which he replied:

“I’m not nervous about the match, but I’m excited about the experience. We’re not afraid to hit each other. Some guys like to fight. I like to fight. Sheamus was a bouncer for years. There’s something about being in front of a large crowd and getting hit. It fires you up. We want to steal the show, even with Rock vs. Cena (on the card)."

Click here to read the full interview.

Thanks to WNW reader Fernando for sending in the article.

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