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Daniel Bryan Doesn't Surrender WWE Title, Brie Bella "Quits"

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan did not surrender the title to Stephanie McMahon in a kayfabe segment Sunday night at WWE Payback. The storyline was that if Bryan didn't surrender that Brie Bella would be "fired." Brie swerved by "quitting" and smacked Stephanie in the face. Stephanie retreated out of the building.

While I cannot confirm a health update on Daniel Bryan as of this writing, as we noted earlier, the talk headed into the weekend was that Bryan would keep the title if he was only going to be out another month. If he was going to be out longer, a plan to crown an interim champion was expected to be put in motion.

Given the direction of this storyline, there's at least legitimate reason to be optimistic regarding Bryan's return to the ring.

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