Daniel Bryan Explains Roster's Frustration With Part-Timers

Daniel Bryan

On last night's episode of "Talking Smack," Bryan spoke fairly candidly in response to Renee Young's question about why members of the roster take so much issue with part-timers coming back and getting title shots or other opportunities. Bryan explained that while he believes John Cena definitely deserves it after all his hard work, he can still understand the frustration because the full-time roster works 200-300 days a year (with Dean Ambrose topping 2016's list) and they fight for their big paychecks at Wrestlemania only for someone who wrestles two or three times a year to swoop in, have one match, and get an amazing spot and a payday. This is something that has been echoed many times but it was interesting to hear it vocalized like this and it was also interesting to see that Renee was apparently told to move on immediately afterwards.

Here’s the issue, and I had this issue when I was a full-time wrestler, and I still kind of have this issue today.

When you’re somebody like, for example, Dean Ambrose…. so Dean Ambrose, since the Draft, has – all of our live events, all of the live events that we run for SmackDown that aren’t televised – who has been main eventing probably 99 percent of those live events? Dean Ambrose.

But then every year, around WrestleMania time, all these people who are ‘part-timers’ come in and they take the best spots at WrestleMania. And as a talent, you’re sitting there like ‘wait a second, I’m the guy… I’ve been on the road.’ In 2013, I did 227 matches. Ambrose has been the guy whose had the most matches for the last two years. Everybody who did it before him got injured the next year.

He’s the guy who, since he started, he hasn’t missed a match, he hasn’t missed a show, he’s there every single week. So when you see these people who do two or three matches a year, or they come in and then they take four months off…. With John Cena, I get it. He’s been in this game for a long time and he’s worked harder than anybody else.


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