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Daniel Bryan Feels Like He's "Ready To Wrestle;" Would Compete Tomorrow

Daniel Bryan

Sport360.com interviewed Daniel Bryan to promote WWE 2K16 where he discussed more about his injury and concussions in general. Below is a video snippet of Bryan talking about concussions and taking an ImPACT Concussion Test:


“I’ve learned a lot about concussions during this process. I met with one of the top neurologists that specialize in concussions in the United States. They can check me after every match, but to make sure I reach a baseline level to what my mental capacities are.

“We have an impact test which they have in a lot of sports. It’s a 15 minute test that measures your brain function. I have that test which they can take after concussion, but now I have even more extensive tests. I did a two hour neuropsychological exam. This means if they think I have a concussion, they would first have me check with the doctor, then have me doing the impact test, to make sure it’s up to par with my previous impact test, then do a neuropsychological evaluation, which is a two hour pen and paper test.

“From this, they have all these ways to check my brain function. What they are finding out about concussion, is not the amount of concussions you have, it’s about how your brain heals after it. Learning all this has made me confident in my ability to recover,” he said.

Bryan boldly declared that he feels like he is “ready to wrestle” and if WWE called him to wrestle tomorrow he would. It’s just a matter of getting cleared but because of his long history of concussions, the company is a bit hesitant.

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