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Daniel Bryan On Overexposed WWE Stars, Not Knowing How To Cope Without Clearance

Daniel Bryan

WWE recently sent Daniel Bryan to India to help with promotion for their upcoming tour as well as WWE NXT. While there, he did an interview that was recently published by The Statesman. Below are the highlights:

Today’s WWE stars battling overexposure:

“Now, what we see is a three hours RAW and two hours Smack Down. While the previous generation’s struggle was getting exposure, we battle overexposure. So, the ones who handle overexposure the best and manage to not get the fans bored are the ones who end up wrestling for years. They know how to interact with people in all the settings, so it’s just natural that they become popular.”

Not knowing how to cope without competing in the ring:

“My wife is a wrestler, so she is on the ring, and I am just sitting, it is difficult… when I am upset, when I am angry, wrestling was always there as an outlet.. I could go, drop and kick… you can call your mom and you can call your sister… but sometimes you just need a physical outlet… I don’t know how to cope with this situation,”

CLICK HERE for the interview in its entirety.

Richard Reacts: I agree wholeheartedly with Daniel Bryan about stars battling overexposure. I point to “product over-saturation” all the time when explaining WWE’s tremendous downturn in viewership and believe it’s a culprit for a lot of what ails the company today. There’s just too much TV and it’s to the point where the majority of the WWE fan base can tune in and out as they please, without missing much. As for Bryan’s clearance, one has to wonder if the injury to Seth Rollins will change WWE’s mindset about not clearing him to compete. They could certainly use the boost.

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