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Daniel Bryan On Possibly Facing The Miz At WrestleMania


Daniel Bryan did a recent interview with Gorllia Position, and was asked about the possibility of facing the Miz at next year’s WrestleMania.

This is what he had to say down below:

“I’m definitely up for it. My question – you ask me that question, I will answer it with a question. Do you trust WWE with telling that story from now until WrestleMania 35? [laughs] Like, what in the last several years has shown to you that something like that is possible?”

Bryan and Miz have had a long rivalry in WWE as Miz was Bryan’s Pro-Mentor on the first season of NXT. The two came to blows when Bryan defeated Miz to win the United States Championship not too long after.

Their rivalry hit an all time high when Daniel Bryan was forced to retire from in-ring competion due to severe neck injuries. Miz blasted Bryan about it on an episode of Talking Smack.

Bryan was medically cleared to compete in a WWE ring once again earlier this year, but the two have yet to meet in a ring once again.

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