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Daniel Bryan Reveals He Hid Post-Concussion Seizures, Further Explains Retirement

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan was a guest on ESPN’s SportsCenter with Jonathan Coachman on Tuesday night to discuss his in-ring retirement. In it, he revealed some information that has never been made public. First, Bryan said he has ten documented concussions but you can’t document all of them and it would be impossible to say exactly how many he’s suffered.

Bryan said he took an EEG (a test that detects electrical activity in your brain) in New York City and all of his other ones had come out great. He was looking for something further to reinforce that he could come back to wrestling. Bryan explained this most recent test revealed he had some swelling and a small subacute lesion in his temporal parietal region, which is an area of the brain that causes seizures. Bryan said he has had some post-concussion seizures that he’s hid but he didn’t know why he would have them, now they have found some evidence.

You can watch tape of Bryan’s interview embedded in the video below:

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