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Daniel Bryan Says “Guy In Denver” Fixed Nerve Issue

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Renee Young interviewed Daniel Bryan backstage at Monday Night Raw to discuss his medical clearance. Below is a complete recap:

  • Bryan said it wasn’t his intention to make people think the wrong things [with his crossroads announcement on Raw]. He wanted to go out in front of the people - the reason he’s here today - to tell them he’s ready to come back
  • He doesn’t know life without this and it’s a hard realization to make when you face the circumstances that he did.
  • Bryan said the doctors didn’t know what to do and thought he might not be able to come back. He said this wave of emotions is how he’s dealt with pain his entire life. Wrestling is how he has dealt with pain. Bryan said he’s thrilled to come back because this is what he loves to do.
  • When Renee asked Bryan what was his and Brie’s reaction to the news that he was cleared to come back - Bryan said his initial reaction was disbelief. He said they’d gone through so many struggles and so many hurdles as far as getting cleared with doctors not knowing what’s going on. He said there was so much confusion then all of the sudden he saw a “guy in Denver.” Bryan said he knew how to fix it and they didn’t believe it at first.
  • Bryan said it was for real. When the doctors told him he was clear - nobody wants to see his happy dance - but he’s going to have to wait if he wins the Royal Rumble and main events Wrestlemania, then he’ll do it.

You can watch the view at this link or embedded in the video below:

Bryan didn’t go into specifics but I’m assuming some type of physician in Denver, CO implemented some type of treatment that helped him to regain the strength in his right hand. Remember, his failure to regain the strength in his right hand after the cervical foraminotomy in May is what kept him out for so long. Bryan was not in pain but because of the lack of strength - he was unable to compete.

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