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Daniel Bryan Speaks On Health, Why He's Not Cleared To Wrestle

Daniel Bryan talked about his health and recovery in an interview with Sports Illustrated Now on Monday. In it, he didn't give any new details on his health but he didn't confirm surgery either.

Bryan said that he feels fine and has no pain but he continues to experience weakness in his right hand. He said if he was an MMA fighter, the weakness wouldn't be that bad but would be an advantage for his opponent. He said because he's a pro wrestler, the weakness poses a risk to himself and to his opponents. Bryan said they couldn't figure out how to get the strength back.

When asked if he would be able to compete at Wrestlemania 31, he said he hoped so and would be disappointed if he couldn't. He talked about being in Santa Clara last week for an anti-bullying rally and seeing where Wrestlemania will take place next year and summed up the possibility of missing the show next year as heartbreaking.

You can listen to the snippet at this link.

WWEprovided some optimism on Monday by featuring Bryan in a promotional graphic for Wrestlemania 31 but as we cautioned when showing that graphic, it's subject to change. The fact is no one - not even Bryan - knows for sure when he'll be able to get back.

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