Daniel Bryan's Stock On The Rise As Smackdown General Manager

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan’s stock is soaring on WWE Smackdown for his role in helping get talent over. One worker in particular that’s believed to had a career resurgence since Bryan began his on-air role as Smackdown General Manager is The Miz.

WWE feels Bryan is able to get talent over based on his mic abilities and his unique connection with the fanbase. This is also one of the reasons for the prolonged tension between Bryan and The Miz, which began with one of the best segments of the year on an early episode of Talking Smack.

While Bryan’s stock has been on the rise for his out-of-the-ring but on-air role, there are no plans for him to wrestle. His wife, Brie Bella, has changed her tune about retirement and plans to return to the ring after she gives birth next year.

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