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David Benoit Confirms He's Training For Wrestling Career, Friendship With Jericho, Other Topics Of Interest

David Benoit, the son of Chris Benoit, did a near 45 minute interview at this link. Below are the highlights:

* He confirms he's training for a wrestling career.

* David said he believes his father should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame because you have to focus on the "pros more than the cons."

* He said he's still very good friends with Chris Jericho, who also tries to focus on the positive about Chris rather than the negatives.

* David said WWE never gave his family his father's last paycheck.

* He said he wouldn't want to go to TNA because everyone he's spoken to there says it's a terrible place to work.

* David said WWE really missed the boat with Harry Smith.

There's also a good amount of Wrestlemania 30 talk to open the interview. You can also watch embedded in the video below:

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