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On last week’s (August 5th) episode of AEW Dynamite, Dax Harwood wasn’t able to finish the 12-man tag-team match and was helped to the back while the match was still going on.

Dax provided an update when he appeared on iHeartRadio’s ‘Battleground’ podcast:

"I played high school football and someone chop blocked me and I tore my ACL, that was in 2002. My right knee has always given me some problems. I had a clean out of my knee and the doctor who did my surgery in 2004, left an actual pants button in my knee. That button had been there for a decade and chipping away at my cartilage. I have this terrible knee and it's gotten way better. I wear the brace on my knee for mental reasons. Cash came off the rope with an elbow drop, I just tweaked my knee a little and I haven't gotten an MRI yet, I'm just doing some rehab and icing it and taking precautionary measures. The only bad thing is, we have looked so forward to Tag Team Appreciation Night on August 12 and we were looking forward to having a match and we're not going to be able to do that because of the injury."

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It’s not known at the time of this writing how much ring-time Dax will have to miss because of the aforementioned knee injury, but he won’t be able to compete during tonight’s (August 12th) AEW Dynamite that’s being dubbed ‘Tag-Team Appreciate Night’.

As always, WNW will have live-coverage of tonight’s AEW Dynamite, beginning at 8:00pm (Eastern)!

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