DDP Comments On Scott Hall Relapse


TMZ caught up with Diamond Dallas Page to ask him about Scott Hall’s recent relapse with substance abuse. DDP stated clearly that he has Hall’s back no matter what. He also stated Jake Roberts has fallen as well but he’s now one year sober.

Below are the quotes:

“Scott is going through a life process. He's stumbled along the way, but he is doing well over all. I've got his back."

Page adds, "Even Jake 'The Snake' has fallen a few times, but he is now one year sober and doing great.”

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Brooks had the story — first reported by TMZ — Hall was booted from an indy event over the weekend for reportedly being intoxicated. Hall was pulled from the Global Force Wrestling roster after the news broke.

Richard Reacts: Dealing with an addict can be frustrating and downright draining. I just hate how people get this perception, "well, he's fixed." Because an addict is never "fixed." It's a lifelong struggle. I wish it wasn't and hope that Scott continues to get the help he needs. But there is no magic wand.

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