Dean Ambrose Tells Horrifying Story Of Barbed Wire Match Gone Wrong


The July 2013 issue of WWE Magazine has a feature titled "The Scars of the Superstars" featuring WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose. Below is an excerpt:

Dean Ambrose
"The big one that runs up and down my back I received in a 'Barbwire Death Match' in Germany back around 2009. I was facing a known independent rival of mine. We needed up so tangled in the barbed wire that it was in my hair, in my face and my arm was wrapped up in it - basically my whole body was lodged in there with him. Think Terry Funk and Sabu from 1994. At one point we were tangled like two chickens, so much so that it took two or three guys with wire-cutters about 10 minutes to get both of us out. I like the scar, though. It looks cool even though people never really get to see it. There are always emergency guys on call for matches like that one, and they just stitched me right up. But you wake up the next day in the hotel room, and the bed looks like a crime scene, and your T-shirt is stuck to your back because you're covered in dried plasma. My next match was the very next day: It was just a weekend tour, you know, nothing too crazy."

The July 2013 issue of WWE Magazine is now out on newsstands everywhere.

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