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Dean Ambrose Trying Crazy Stuff At House Shows, Not Worried About Spot

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Rolling Stone has a new piece online featuring quotes from Dean Ambrose. There are several interesting comments featured, below are a few that I find particularly of interest:

Trying different things:

"I'm trying all kinds of crazy stuff at house shows just for my own amusement and to see what the people are gonna do," he says. "Ya know, start a match, jump me in the aisle, and I'll just fight from underneath the whole time. I don't need a shine. I don't need to arm-drag you four times. They know who I am."

Being in one of the main events at Hell in a Cell:

"Having that main event load to carry is very comfortable for me," he says. "Anything less is uncomfortable."

On his current spot on WWE TV:

"Who knows how long that will last? All the people who love me right now are probably gonna hate me next month."

"I'll be fine," he says reassuringly. "There's no, 'Oh my God, somebody else is gonna come back and take my spot.' I wanna have a spot that's my spot, that nobody can take away, because nobody else is me."

Click here to read the piece in its entirety.

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