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What Delayed SAnitY’s WWE Smackdown Debut


Thomas Fenton Reports: 

SAnitY’s debut was delayed for nearly 2 months for much of the reason that WWE was considering a name change, to get tradmarks and registering the name.
Vince was not a huge fan of the name ‘SAnitY’ and wanted to name the group ‘Chaos’. In one of their very first vignettes, WWE showed a screenshot that read "Chaos is coming", with no mention of the name ‘SAnitY’ in the promo. Even in the video for SAnitY, it still features the word ‘Chaos’.

Several NJPW stars including Will Ospreay took to Twitter and joked, saying, "We are?". The other talent from the group responded by saying, “No we're not".

Apparently there was some uninformed dialog prior to, in not knowing a wrestling group already went by that name. In the end, WWE obviously could not secure the trademarks and wording they wanted and went back to the SAnitY name. In addition to all of this, over the last 2 weeks after WWE was aware they would have to go with the name SAnitY, it was then a issue of do they bring up Nikki Cross with them or not? As of writing ‪on Wednesday morning, ‬ WWE still has not made their final answer on this. The idea of the Uso’s fued was to give them the options of introducing Naomi into the storyline and then Cross. Again, as of writting this was written open ended to provide the company with some options.

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