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Demolition Discusses Comparisons To The Road Warriors, More

Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of theScore Television Network spoke with former WWE Tag Team Champions Demolition Ax (Bill Eadie) and Smash (Barry Darsow). Highlights:

Why Demolition is so popular compared to their other personas and which personas they enjoyed working as the most

Why the original Smash Randy Colley (Moondog Rex) was replaced by Barry Darsow:
Bill Eadie: "It was well known that Randy was part of the Moondogs. To try to have another persona, your also popular as that previous persona. It was fortunate for me cause Randy is a good friend of mine, but Barry is a lot more professional, and a much closer friend."

Barry Darsow: "When I got the call to come up there, Vince called me and told me I have the chance to be partners with Bill Eadie, I just said yes right away, I just jumped at the chance"

Who came up with the Demolition character

Were Demolition better as a babyface or heel tag team?

How important Mr. Fuji was to the success of the team

If Demolition are a rip off of the Road Warriors:
Bill Eadie: "We knew what we could do, we felt we were successful. I thought we did it better. This is an ego driven business, so if you dont have confidence in yourself, you need to get out of the business. Theres gonna be fans that say that we are rip offs, but theres gonna be Demolition fans that say they (Road Warriors) were the rip offs. I cant be worried about that. My main concern and his (Barry Darsow) main concern is we went to work each day, and we did the best we could."

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