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Dennis Haskins Discusses Appearing On Zack Ryder's YouTube Show

Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald has a new article online featuring quotes from Dennis Haskins (a/k/a Mr. Belding from "Saved by the Bell") where he discusses appearing on Zack Ryder'sYouTube show. Below is an excerpt:

“I know Mike/The Miz back when he was on the reality shows,” Haskins said. “He always wanted to be a wrestler. That was his dream, and he made it happen. The same thing is happening to Zack. He is a good wrestler. He has skills, but he found a way to create interest through his own thing. He contacted me through The Miz. I went on episode 43 of ‘Z! TLIS.’ He gets 150,000 or more views a week. That’s amazing. Then we did another thing the week after.

“I actually bought the Broski hat to surprise him. It’s great to bring joy into people’s lives. That is what Zack Ryder is doing. He is the underdog. He is bringing joy to people’s lives. They can identify with him. I’m Blessed to be a small part of it on the edges and support him. I think his story is an inspiration.

“He is a big fan of mine because he grew up watching the show, which I’m thrilled about. That’s what made our connection work. He is really creative and industrious. Now people are pushing WWE to do something with me.”

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