Detailed In-Depth Look At John Cena's Right Achilles Injury

Mark Henry, Booker T & John Cena

The top story coming out of the weekend is WWEannouncing that WWE Champion John Cena suffered a right Achilles injury while working against Ryback on the most recent overseas tour. While the initial report didn't give specifics, Cena's status for next month's Extreme Rules pay-per-view was put into question. Cena is currently scheduled to defend the WWE title at the show on May 19, 2013 against Ryback.

It was later learned that Cena was limited on Saturday (his most recent match) with some type of covering on his right leg. Once he returned home to the United States, Cena admitted to being banged up but confirmed he would appear on this week's Monday Night Raw as scheduled.

Jim Ross wrote the injury is legitimate and something the WWE Champion has been suffering through for several days.

The key promotional point for this week's Raw has shifted to Cena's injury although he hasn't slowed down. John was in New York City Monday morning ahead of the Raw broadcast from Columbus, Ohio.

After further investigation, and the more information we've received, we've noticed WWE switched the main event of Raw live events overseas. While the initial main event was WWE Champion John Cena defending against Ryback in a Tables Match, he later joined Team Hell No to face Ryback, Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston in a match that headlined shows.

Below is a look at the shows that featured the original Cena vs. Ryback Tables Match for the WWE title:

  • April 17, 2013 Rotterdam, Netherlands (results)
  • April 18, 2013 Belfast, Ireland (results)
  • April 19, 2013 Dublin, Ireland (results)
  • April 20, 2013 Paris, France (resutls)
  • April 21, 2013 Geneva, Switzerland
  • April 23, 2013 Nottingham, England (results)

Cena didn't wrestle on last week's Raw (on April 22, 2013) but worked one final Tables match against Ryback before shifting to the new main event beginning with the show in Liege, Belgium (results) on April 24, 2013.

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