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Detailed Live Report From This Week's WWE Monday Night Raw

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JBL, Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler

Wrestling News World reader Moustafa Mohsin was in attendance at this week's WWE Monday Night Raw in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and sent in the following live notes:

I was in attendance at WWE RAW Saddledome Calgary AB. It was really hard to find a parking spot at the event. We arrived 5 minutes before the event schedule. The floor was sold out, most of the lower bowl was sold out as well. I would say about 75% arena was full. Roberts announced Striker for WWE Superstars who got a pop. R-Truth came out to a good reaction. He didn't have the mic with him but still the crowd were chanting "what's up". Cesaro came out to boos. They had almost the exact same match they had at the house show yesterday. The crowd started an "ole ole ole" chant but it only lasted a few seconds.

Someone tried to start a "Mike Chioda" chant but failed. Seems as though this crowd is trying to beat the raw after mania lol. R-truth won the match via finisher.

Next match was Justin Gabriel & Sin Cara who got a pop vs Darren Young and his partner The crowd at some point were chanting "boring" Gabrielle's team won (I went to the concession during most of the match)

5 minutes before we switched to Raw a huge yes chant broke out.

They plugged in WWE 13 and the crowd were chanting "CM PUNK". Cole came in to a loud "boo" for sure. Jbl got a huge pop but lawler killed them both with a huge pop and "Jerry!" Chants. Roberts announced we are going live in 90 seconds. A "we want Brett" chant started. A lets go cena cena sucks chant broke out until we went live. The crowd are hot so far.
Cena came out to a 40% boo 60% cheer.

The crowd broke into a "we want Bret" The crowd were into the "we want tables" chant. Ryback got the "Goldberg" treatment and the "what?" Treatment.

Paul heyman got a short lived pop but got drowned by boos.

John Cena's comment about the "stampede" got huge laughs from people. (I couldn't agree more)that comment won the crowd over and that's when we started the "you suck" chants towards Curtis Axel.

During the break Roberts recaped 91 match between hart and mr, perfect which got a huge pop. Right after that, another strong "we want Brett" chant started.

Ricardo got a decent pop. They followed his lines along.

End of the match an "AJ is crazy" chant broke out.

During commercials another "yes!" Chants broke out. Also a "wwe divas" promo showed up, which got booed from our section. Some guy yelled "bathroom breaks! Bathroom breaks! From other section. Funny.

When Bret Hart came during hell no section, we heard the loudest pop so far. Seriously Canadians (myself included) just love this guy no matter what. He's a legend here in our country. Cool moment as this is the second time I've seen Brett hart live. (Well later this evening)

After Ambrose's entrance we went to commercial, and the crowd on the lower bowl were chanting "Ambrose! Ambrose!"
Kofi's pyro was literally about 10 feet away that startled my entire section with half of them quickly covering their ears!

Once the match started, a "lets go Ambrose" chant broke out from the same section. Not stating the obvious here but again this match had almost the exact same pace and moves as the house show yesterday, almost as though the house shows are for practice (exactly) "Lets go Ambrose" seemed to get louder after.

We definitely cheered for Ambrose's win. I was getting ready for Kane's pyro, and sure enough, crowd loved Daniel Bryan. The security were trying to find the guy whose blowing the air horn. Kane got a big pop when he got in.

My section tried to start an awkward "Benoit" chant that never got picked up. Instead we got a JBL chant lol. A Michael cole chant started as well but not sure how it came across because it was audible but faint. After the supelex off te turnbuckle the crowd were chanting "this is awesome" as well which got stronger later on. I was very impressed how hot the crowd is staying. Entertaining match, this Candian crowd loves the "Yes!" Moments and more importantly team hell no in general. (By the way the security is still trying to find the guy with the air horn)

More highlights about Bret's career, this time the iron man match with michaels which followed a faint "you screwed Brett"

I went to the washrooms after that, and merchandise stands were sold out of Brett Hart's shades, small and medium Brett hart shirts!

Miz got a pop. Here's an awkward moment, BArret's "God save the queen" got a mix reaction from the Canadian crowd because as you know the queen is the head of canada so we couldn't respectfully boo. But fandango really got everyone Fandangoing (myself included lol) the crowd didnt stop singing his theme song until literally the music stopped and it was faint then as well. Shortly into the match we started Fandangoing as well. Shortly after his victory we started Fandangoing again. The guys were all whistling for Fandango's dancer after.

HBK got a huge pop, the section across did a very faint "you screwed Brett" chant but it was drowned by "HBK" chants.
The great khaki is huge, I know he's a big guy but you guys have to see him in person to really understand this. Crowd was hot for him for sure. Clay got a decent pop as well. The crowd (at least my section) really don't anticipate the pyros very well. Crowd in the lower bowl were chanting "3MB"

The crowd sang happy birthday to Natalya. Khaki was awesome lol.

During the break we chanted "Y2J" as they were changing the Matt. Roberts showed the bulldog vs hart highlights from summer slam which was received well with the crowd.

The "wwe brawling buddies" commercial got the crowd chanting "blow up dolls!" Funny. Y2J chants resumed until Jericho came in. The crowd were on their feet and very hot for Jericho.

"Ecw" chant started than a "walrus" chant. When Jericho asked about his other client, the crowd started a cm punk before paul heyman could say Brock Lesnar. We were pro Punk for sure. Someone tried to start an "ice cream bar" chant. The walrus chant definitely picked up and the crowd were all engaged durin that entire segment.

Natalya got a big pop at the beginning of her entrance. Some audible whistles as well. (Quick update on air horn dude, he was escorted by security during commercials) they plugged in the rock and fast and furious 6 as well which got a good reaction from the crowd.

The celebrity whores (thanks Jason!) came out to a small, very small actually, whistles otherwise the crowd began making their way towards the washrooms. A happy birthday chant broke out. For Natalya. Right after that, I don't know if the tv caught it but some group were chanting "I love boob jobs!" This match was the most quiet in terms of crowd activity (or at least compared to what it has been throughout the night) until the sharpshooter.

Another pop for Brett Hart. Not as loud this time because people were getting back from washrooms etc. Recap of hart and flair match. The crowd were "whooing" throughout. Crowd popped for Orton, Sheamus got an equal reaction to Orton. a "Cody's moustache" chant started. There was also a "Goldust" chant. Match seemed to drag but still entertaining. Very pleased with the crowds input so far. Sheamus and Orton took some time shaking hands with the fans. Roberts plugged in HBK VS Hart from Montreal which drew boos during the highlights. "You screwed Brett" chants started. They then played Brett's return in 2010 and him "burrying the hatchet" scene which got cheers.

I felt that Cena's second entrance was 60% boos to 40% cheers this time around. Some fans were screaming "your shirt sucks" followed by the "lets go cena! Cena sucks!" I don't know if it came on TV but there was a "walrus" Chant and a "fruity pebbles" chAnt. Another faint "same old shit" chant began.

There was a huge crowd of security in the lower bowl, it was an over weight woman involved and 3 guys. Not sure what's going on. But the crowd reacted to it. It was later found out to be a fight. No one was watching the match it was the security and what appeared to be a full on fight down there. They got it under control when cena was hitting 5 knuckle schuffle. The ambulance startled the crowd, we actually thought it was for the fight that took downstairs. Anyway, Ryback got the "Goldberg" treatment again. My girlfriend Kelsey McSween noted that it was a fake ambulance or WWE special ambulance, because in canada they aren't called "paramedics" interesting.

The Bret Hart Appreciation celebration was obviously what everyone was waiting for and when it finally came on, not a single crowd member was sitting. All cheers. They announced May 27 to be Brett hart day, very cool moment for all Canadians. (Interesting fact, calgarians actually hate their mayor lol) cool moments with pat, Jericho got a huge pop, here's the interesting fact, Vince got a bigger pop than michaels, I think because no one was expecting him. The crowd continued to be active throughout the event. It made all Canadians proud for sure. Amazing show! And even better crowd.

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