Detailed Live Report From WWE In Cardiff, Wales - Return Announced

The Big Show

James Tee of sent a detailed live report from Sunday night's WWE live event in Cardiff, Wales:

Show started at 17:00, very few empty seats, and a great atmosphere with a good mix of younger and older fans. Before the show began, Justin Roberts announced the match between Santino Marella and Fandango would be a fan's choice match through Twitter. Fans had the choice of a Dance-off or a match.

The first match of the evening was a tag team match between Los Matadores and The Real Americans. The Real Americans were out first, with Zeb Colter cutting a promo. He claimed that if Wales and the UK got some more attractive women, he would run for Prime Minister, which got a laugh from the majority of the older fans sat near me. Los Matadores came out with El Torito, with none of the smoke seen on TV. A good back and forth match, with a 15 spin Cesaro Swing on one of the matadors. Los Matadores got the win with their finisher on Jack Swagger. The Real Americans then attacked Los Matadores leaving them alone in the ring with El Torito. Cesaro and Swagger were then pulled out of the ring by Diego and Fernando before Torito gored Colter in the gut.

Second match of the evening was between Zack Ryder and Wade Barrett. Ryder got an okay reaction, nothing major, and Barrett was cheered initially. Wade proceeded to cut a promo saying how poor the Wales Football team was, and how everyone knew they wouldn't qualify for the World Cup in Brazil next year. He then revealed an England football shirt that got him major heat from the majority Welsh crowd. Barrett won with a Bullhammer elbow.

Next up was the Divas match between Natalya and Aksana. Aksana got very little reaction, with one kid behind me asking who she was. Natalya got a great reaction from the crowd, and won with a Sharpshooter. I must note that Aksana's in-ring work has improved greatly, and her and Natalya told a good story.

Next up was Kofi Kingston vs The Miz. Both came out to good reactions, with Kofi's being the loudest of the night to that point. Really good match, with 'This Is Awesome' chants all the way through. Miz turned heel halfway through, and looked to have Kofi finished after locking in the Figure Four. When Kofi made it to the ropes, Miz argued with the ref, leaving Kofi to hit Trouble in Paradise and get the pin.

The final match before the Intermission was a 6-Man Tag between the team of Cody Rhodes, Goldust and Big E. Langston and The Shield. All six men got great reactions, and the match didn't disappoint. Goldust spent a long time in the ring, and was very impressive. My friend noted that we were probably seeing 5 future world champions in the form of the other 5 men in the match. After a flurry of finishers, Cody rolled up Dean Ambrose for the pin. The faces then spent a good amount of time with fans after the match. All Six Men were great in the ring, and The Shield in particular were great in their offensive moves.

After the intermission, we got the results of the dance-off. The whole arena was doing the Fandango as he entered the ring, and Santino got a great reaction from the crowd. The dance-off won the vote 51% to 49%, and Santino won with some notoriously goofy dancing. Fandango attacked Marella at the end before we saw the hiptoss, headbutt and Cobra to quieten Fandango.

The Penultimate match of the night saw Damien Sandow take on Dolph Ziggler. Sandow cut a brilliant promo before the match telling the crowd they weren't worthy, and that he was still our 'Uncrowned World Champion'. Ziggler came out to the biggest pop of the night so far, and the two had a great match. Ziggler is brilliant in the ring, and Sandow was keeping the heat up on himself throughout with comments to the crowd. Sandow eventually won with a Full Nelson slam. After the match, Ziggler spent a good few minutes with the fans at ringside.

Before the Main Event, it wouldn't have been a WWE event without an advert for the WWE App.

The Main Event was a WWE Championship match between Randy Orton and The Big Show, with Yes Chants all the way through the entrance. Big Show and Randy both got big face reactions. That changed quickly, as Orton cut a promo saying that Daniel Bryan was not here because he was back in the US in a hospital bed. This match was better than I expected, with Randy Orton hitting a DDT with The Big Show hanging from the top rope instead of the middle rope. Big Show had the upper hand before Kane's music hit, and the Big Suited Machine stood on the stage. This allowed Orton to hit the RKO to get the win.
After the match, Kane summoned The Shield, who beat down Show. Before Roman Reigns could lift Show for the Triple Powerbomb, Show shook of The Shield, Chokeslamming Reigns before knocking out Orton.
Kane teased a confrontation, before heading backstage.

The Big Show then apologised for Daniel Bryan not being there, saying he wished he was there also. He said he would tell him that Cardiff fans were awesome, sending the crowd home happy.

Justin Roberts then announced that they would be back in Cardiff on May 18th, 2014.

Biggest Pops Biggest Heat
Big Show Damien Sandow (by a huge distance)
Rhodes Brothers and Big E Randy Orton
Dolph Ziggler Wade Barrett
Kofi Kingston

All in all, it was a really good show. AJ Lee and Daniel Bryan were advertised, but the show didn't suffer in their absence.

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