Detailed Reader Live From Saturday's WWE Live Event In Birmingham, England

The Shield

Wrestling News World reader Röbb Cartin attended Saturday's WWE live event from the Birmingham LG Arena in Birmingham, England. He sent in the following live report:

An interesting show from Birmingham last night, lots to explain. Justin Roberts opened the show as per usual, small crowd reaction but the arena was very empty. About 2 thirds full. Colter and swagger enter to thunderous boos. Zeb promos on Europe and gets he towns name wrong for which he receives more boos.

Los Matadores enter with El Torito, there's hijinks involving the Real Americans flag and El Torito being chased around the ring. Swagger comes off looking pretty dumb and starts a match with Diego. Crowd reaction is poor. Match is good with a dirty finish as Torito distracts the ref for Fernando to jump into Diego's place for the win, Bella style. Torito low blows Colter with a gore to end the segment.

Ziggler, Big E Langston and Dean Ambrose enter for a triple threat match for the US Title. During Ambrose's entrance, Ziggler is seen checking the refs legs for weapons. Langston is over the ropes early on, letting ziggler and Ambrose do what they do best. Some beautiful spots With Big E back, Ambrose wins by pinfall. Ziggler and Langston take him out after the bell and then embrace for a happy ending.

Aksana and Natalya enter. There is an unfortunate amount of audience going for popcorn,
upsetting to see as they performed well. Natty wins with her second attempt at hitting the sharp shooter.

Kofi enters with no pyro, not sure if this is normal for house shows? Miz enters, large pop from crowd. Very athletic bout, Miz has gotten better and the crowd are recognising it. Kofi ropebreaks the figure-four and hits trouble in paradise for the win.

Goldust and Cody Rhodes enter to cheers, huge pop. They we're advertised for Munich and so came as a surprise. Great match with Reigns and Rollins for the straps, they retain and The Shield ensue a beatdown on Cody. Goldust comes back with a chair and they scamper. Nice solid segment.

Justin Roberts announces that the next bout will be Santino/Fandango and asks crowd to vote online whether or not they want a match or a dance off.


Show returns, dance off wins with 63% of the vote. Santino wins the dance off making Fandango and summer are storm off up the ramp. Sandow enters and drops Santino. Sandow promos about how uncivilized birmingham is, and then Ryder enters. Nice match, very short. Broski boot gets the pop of the night. Sandow wins with the elbow.

Next match is main event for the WWE title. Advertised bout is Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan, but Bryan doesn't show. Crowd is restless, and complaints are heard.

Orton enters, followed by his opponent, big show. Warm reception for show. As bell rings, Orton scampers out of the ring to boos. Show gets him back into the ring and they fight. Crowd chants YES YES YES, forcing Orton to grab a mic and tell the crowd that after what he did to bryan last week, he's in hospital. "So shut up, he's not here"

I wonder how much truth is in this angle, could bryan be sick? Hence the reshuffle? AJ was also advertised and didn't show up.

Big Show takes the fight to Orton as Kane enters for the distraction. The Shield appears and gets in the ring with show. Kane waits at ringside. Show dominates and everybody runs backstage scared. Crowd is shrinking and shrinking, feels like people are disappointed. I thought the whole show was well structured. Show grabs a mic and his music stops. "You know I heard you all chanting for me, and I heard you all chanting for Daniel. I appreciate it, and I'm gonna call him later and tell him how much you miss him"

Shows music hits and the evening closes.

It was a good show for wrestling fans who like wrestling, a good range of heavy weights, high fliers and technicality, but I think 90% of the audience were stuck explaining to their kids that Daniel bryan wasn't coming. I personally relished the surprise in seeing the Rhodes perform. An all round good show, gets a 7 from me.

In other news, the merch stand was selling t shirts at 25 pounds. Except for Sin Cara, his shirt was 10 pounds. They even botched the price of his merch.

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