Detailed Reader Live Report From WWE Live In Dublin, Ireland


Wrestling News World reader Sean O'Grady attended last Thursday's WWE live event in Dublin, Ireland and sent the following live report:

The Rhodes Brothers & Big E Langston b. The Shield - An excellent match that was about 15 minutes long. A funny moment was when Roman Reigns fell on his arse when jumping into the ring in their entrance. Huge "He fell over!" chants. It ended with Rhodes pinning Ambrose with a roll up.

Santino Marrella b. Fandango - The usual comedy stuff, Summer Rae looked stunning as per usual. Santino won with the cobra, after the match Santino kissed Summer Rae.

Wade Barrett b. Zack Ryder - Barrett had IMMENSE heat as he was wearing an England shirt. He threw it into the crowd and it was thrown back at him! The person that threw it was thrown out, which was a bit of an overreaction. The match was forgettable, Barrett winning with the Bullhammer.

Natayla b. Aksana - To be honest, me and my cousin went to get popcorn and look at the merchandise in the middle of the match. It was strangely long, well over 10 minutes. For some reason Aksana carried the match, the 5 minutes I seen of this was average.

Kofi Kingston b. The Miz - Despite apparently turning heel in Belfast, both were faces in the match with the usual hand shakes and applauding each other. A good match that went on a while. Kingston won with Trouble in Paradise. For some reason, the Miz was booed out of the building after the match, it was pretty funny to be honest! He had a WTF face, as it was pretty random.

Big Show b. Randy Orton by DQ - To be honest, this match was a drag up until the ending, really boring stuff. It was weird that they had six matches in a row with no intermission, the crowd were a bit deflated. The Shield interfered to cost show the title. Show responded with
Chokeslams and K.O punches to everyone, which was savage altogether.

Fernando from Los matadors b. Jack Swagger - Zeb Colter cut a brilliant promo before the match, saying he should run for prime minister of Ireland (which was wholeheartedly agreed with by everyone) The match was okay, I was really disappointed Cesaro wasn't there, but it was a passable match. The bull was botching jumping over the ropes, he had to try a few times, which was kinda funny.

Damien Sandow b. Dolph Ziggler - An excellent match, Sandow got one of the biggest reactions of the night. It was given plenty of time, Sandow was on the mic before the match began to rile up the crowd. Sandow won with his full Nelson slam, but Ziggler was applauded on his walk to the back.

John Cena b. Alberto Del Rio in a Dublin Street Fight - Firstly, talk about an upgrade for the world title! When the WWE was in Dublin last April, Ziggler was the champion in a tag match in the middle of the show and got pinned, now the world title is in the main event being defended! The match was second best of the night, just behind the opener. Steel Chairs, the microphone and the steps were used. Cena won with the AA. After the match Cena went on the mic to say how he has great memories of Dublin, fighting Sheamus, CM Punk, Randy Orton, Kurt Angle and others.

Overall a good show but really disappointing there was no Daniel Bryan, C.M Punk, Wyatt Family, Cesaro, AJ Lee and especially Sheamus. I know he's injured but I thought for sure he would turn up to cut a promo. My little cousin had his Sheamus T-shirt on plus there were "we
want Sheamus" chants all night. But it was still a good Show!

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