Detailed WNW Reader Live Report From WWE Edmonton


Wrestling News World reader Dustyn DeVos sent in the following detailed report from Saturday's WWE live event in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada:

WWE LIVE SummerSlam Heatwave Tour - Rexall Place, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Over the past four years, WWE has held TV tapings here in Edmonton. This was the first non-televised event in some time. The event was held at Rexall Place, home of the Edmonton Oilers. There was a special promotion going on with tickets. If you purchased a ticket for the show, you received free gate admission to K-Days. K-Days is kind of like what a state fair would be in the USA (lots of rides/games/food, various shows and concerts, etc). I have a feeling, that the organizers of K-Days, contacted WWE to bring an event during the festival. The day after the Edmonton show, WWE did a live event in Calgary. All other live events were held in Oklahoma and Texas.

Doors opened around 6:15. We got to the arena, after spending time at K-Days around 7:00. Lines were long for merchandise. Tons of people were wearing Cena merch. as well as lots wearing Punk stuff.

As far as attendance goes, it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t horrible. All floor seats were full. Almost all of the lower bowl was full (with the exception of the area behind the stage), and there were people seated sparsely throughout the second level of seating. I had row four floor seats, and they were great! Awesome views!

Before anyone came out, a couple videos played, one of which was Bray Wyatt talking about something, and the other was the Uso’s. I couldn’t really hear, as people were being VERY loud!

Eden Stiles was the announcer for the evening. As she made her entrance, she was followed by local radio personality “Yukon Jack” and his henchman “Vinny B,” the same guy that threw back Cena’s shirt back, twice during a RAW taping (Edmonton) in 2011. “Vinny B,” was wearing an Edmonton Eskimos jersey. I mention this because, it was #99. When you hear #99, you think of Wayne Gretzky. This time, we’re talking about Letai Anoa’i, AKA, Roman Reigns. Reigns was part of the Edmonton Eskimos in 2008. He played five games, and was released in November 08’. “Yukon” talked briefly that before Edmonton was a hockey town, or a football town, it was a wrestling town.

R-Truth vs Fandango

The first match of the evening saw R-Truth vs Fandango. Truth was first out, singing his entrance music. Crowd was into it. Fandango was out next to a decent pop. He slowly made his way to ring, dancing along the way. He got into the ring, continuing to dance. He took off his overly bedazzled vest, but Truth took it from him. Truth teased throwing it into the crowd. Fandango tried to get it back, but failed before Truth threw it into the crowd. Security went and got it from the fan. Truth then threw his shirt to a fan. The bell rang, and the match started with the two both doing some dance moves. The was back and forth action. Both guys got in most of their signature moved, with R-Truth picking up the win via pinfall. After the show, Truth went around the ring, greeting the fans, taking pics, and signing some autographs, one of which was a young boy celebrating his birthday (more on that later). Good opening match to start off the night.

Six-Man Tag - Titus O’ Neil. Heat Slater, Hornswoggle vs Tyson Kidd, Diego, El Torito

Up next was a six-man tag team match. First up was Titus O’ Neil who got mostly boos. His partners were Heath Slater and Hornswoggle. Slater got a big pop. Their opponents were the team of Diego and El Torito along with Alberta’s own, Tyson Kidd, who got huge cheers. El Torito and Hornswoggle tried to get at each other before the match started, but their partners broke them up. Lot’s of back and forth action and lots of tags. Hornswoggle argued with some people sitting in front of me. This was an entertaining match with comedy throughout. At one point in the match, a “Let’s go Slater/Slater Sucks” chant broke out. Everybody seemed to love him! The faces got the win.

Intercontinental Championship - The Miz vs Kofi Kingston

The Intercontinental Championship was on the line next. Kofi Kingston made his entrance. The last time Kingston was in Edmonton, he was put through 3 tables by Ryback, and written off TV due to an upcoming surgery. Miz was out next to a corus of boos. As he got into the ring, he told Kofi that there were two things that he couldn’t do in the match. No punching or kicking his face. If he agreed to that, the The Miz would put him in an extra in his next movie. Nothing to write home about. Slow start to the match. About 5 minutes into it, Miz faked a leg injury. He was down for about I’’d say 7 minutes, selling the leg. The ringside doctor came in to check on him. He told the ref and Kofi that Miz was unable to continue. The ref, and doctor helped Miz up, and they made their way to the ropes. Kofi lifted the ropes, and Miz kicked him. Miz had the upper-hand for several minutes, before Kofi got a couple of his moves in. “Kick his face,” chants were started. Miz picked up the win, keeping his IC title. After the match, Kofi was in the corner. Miz turned around, and got hit with the Trouble in Paradise, to the face!

Before the next match, they played the “Connor’s Cure” video. Eden then gave a number to text, if you wanted to donated $5 to the newly founded foundation.

Tag-Team Championship - The Uso’s vs Luke Harper, Erick Rowan

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan made their way out to the ring. This was my fist time seeing them live. The crowd held up their phones during the entrance. I’ve said before that Harper can tell a story just through his facial expressions. Rowan’s sheep mask was cracked and broken, with electrical tape all over. The Uso’s were out next to a big ovation. These two have not had a bad match since they’ve started their feud. Like the other tag match, lots of tags between both teams. Harper came to the barricade in front of where I was sitting, and some of the kids got scared by him! Out of the whole Wyatt Family, Harper is my favourite. He has the look, he can talk, his facial expressions, and he can move in the ring. I don’t think Harper/Rowan need the tag titles to continue being a top team, it would just enhance their popularity. Uso’s picked up the win via super-kick, followed by a splash. I would say this was as good as their recent TV matches, and second best match of the night.

A 15 minute intermission was next.

Eden returned to the ring, plugging some of the merchandise available to purchase, including signed photos by Natalya and The Uso’s.

Tag-Team Match - Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes vs Natalya, Emma

Another tag-team match was up. This time, the Divas. Eva Marie made her entrance as the special guest referee. The crows HATED her! I like her, and I think she has the potential. Take her off the road, send her to the performance center, and let her train. Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes made their entrance. Alicia walked around the ring, acting crazy. She went up to the birthday boy to sign his poster, but laughed and went to the ring! The team of Natalya and Emma was out next. Huge pop for Natalya. Some of the people around me started an Emma chant, but it didn’t catch on. Emma trained with Lance Storm at his school in Calgary, and she wrestled in Edmonton before with an Alberta based promotion. Natalya took off her entrance shirt to throw to the crowd. She looked on all sides of the ring, until a “Birthday Boy” chant started. She got out of the ring, along with Emma, they gave him a kiss on the cheek, and her shirt. Lucky boy! Pretty typical Divas match. Heels played their role well, yelling at the crowd. At one point, Natalya had Fox and Mendes in the Double Sharp Shooter, but didn’t lock it in. Fox went to one of the guys sitting in front of me, stole his popcorn, and threw it around ringside. Natalya won with the Sharpshooter, to which Eva didn’t call for the bell, but the bell rang anyway. Natalya and Eva had a stare-down and exchanged words. Natalya was exiting the ring, when the heels and Eva attacked her. Emma was outside the ring, still recovering from the match. Layla ran into the ring to make to save.

Big Show vs Cesaro

A returning Big Show vs Cesaro was up next. Cesaro was out first to lots of cheers. Big Show made his entrance to a HUGE pop. The crowd loved him. I’ve seen him only twice before in non wrestling roles. He looked slimmed down and bit, and moved well in the ring. Good match, with Cesaro getting the Sleeper Hold onto Show three times throughout. Big Show did the Chest Chop three times as well. That must hurt so much! Being four rows back, I could see how red Cesaro’s chest was getting. The end of the match saw Cesaro go for the Swing. He was about to start spinning, but Big Show countered it into a Chokeslam.

Main Event: Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt made his entrance accompanied by Harper and Rowan. I was cheering for him, as was much of the arena. Jericho was out next to the pop of the night. Everybody was off their feet. This was the second time I’ve seen him wrestle. Myself along with some people around me agreed that this was better than their match at Battleground. Tons of action, both guys getting the upper hand for a while through the match. We saw all the signature moves, including, Sister Abigail, and The Lionsault. Harper and Rowan attacked Jericho, and the referee ejected them. Wyatt and Jericho continued to fight. The ref eventually got knocked down. This is when Harper and Rowan came back out and beat down Jericho. This of course saw The Uso’s come to the aid of Jericho. The tag teams fought their way to the back. At this time, the ref was still down. Wyatt brought a chair into the ring. He was about to hit Jericho, but he ducked, took the chair, and hit the code breaker, with the chair between Wyatt and Jericho’s knees. The referee came to, and counted to three. Jericho celebrated in the ring, before going ringside to greet the fans. He signed the Birthday boy’s Jericho sign, to which he got excited about.

Overall this was a great show. WWE is only here once a year. Since moving here in 2005, I’ve been to all the shows. This was my first house show, and I loved it. All the Superstars looked to have had a great time, and were having fun. I did hear from some people in my section that they heard that WWE would be returning to Edmonton in 2015 for RAW, and a PPV in 2016 at the new arena being built. Obviously there is no way of knowing if either of those are true, until announced by WWE.

Here are a few random notes from the show:

- There was a small Walmart chant that lasted maybe 10 seconds from the people behind me, obviously targeting Emma.

- In a Twitter post, Eva got the Edmonton hashtag wrong, putting #WWEdmonton instead of #WWEEdmonton. Check our spelling girl!

- I would say total attendance was around the 5,000 mark

- Jericho did a Make-A-Wish meet prior to the show.

- David Benoit, the older son of Chris Benoit was ringside, talking to a couple of people. I don’t think many people know who he was, but I knew who he was because of Twitter, and YouTube interviews.

Biggest Pops - Jericho, Big Show, Natalya, Kidd

Biggest Heat - Eva, Miz, Fandango

Show Rating - 7.5/10

Thanks for reading!

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