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Detailed WWE Live Report From July 31, 2013 Show In Cape Town, South Africa


Our good friend Brandon van Reenen attended Wednesday's WWE live event in Cape Town, South Africa and sent in the following detailed report:

Full Details of WWE Live in Cape Town, South Africa (07/31/2013)

I was at the GrandWest Arena for WWE Live. I attended both nights but covered this night in depth. The arena has a capacity of about 6,000 and it was about 95% full.

Lilian Garcia was announced as the host for this evening and she came out to a large reception. She really seemed excited to be in Cape Town again. She announced that the first match would be staring next:

Fandango vs. Justin Gabriel

Fandago and Summer Rae came out with a large portion of the crowd singing along. He got on the mic and started he's "my name is.." schtick and the crowd booed him heavily. Justin Gabriel came out next and the crowd exploded. Fandango was quite impressive in the ring and kept Gabriel on his toes. The match ended when Gabriel hit the 450 Splash.

R-Truth vs. Titus O'Neil

R-Truth came out to a warm reception and was seriously over with the kids. Titus O'Neil got a lukewarm reaction but he is massive in person. He dominated most of the match and the crowd got behind R-Truth as he built momentum. R-Truth hit the Little Jimmy for the pin after about 7 minutes.

Brie Bella and Divas Champion AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn and Cameron

Brie came out first followed by AJ who got quite a huge reaction. Cameron followed next with Naomi accompanying her to the ring. Kaitlynwas last out and got a huge pop. Cameron played damsel in distress for most of the match. AJ attempted to walk away once Cameron built momentum only to have Naomi throw her back into the ring followed by a Spear by Kaitlyn who picked up the three count.

Big E Langston vs. Rob van Dam

Big E was out first and man is he big in person. He toyed with some of the fans at ringside. Rob van Dam came out in what was possibly the largest pop of the night. Big E dominated on the outside for the majority of the first half of the match. The action returned to the ring where RVD made a comeback, hitting all his signature moves and getting the pin after a 5-Star Frog Splash.

Lilian Garcia informed us that we could choose the stipulation for the next match.

It was a choice between 2 out of 3 falls and No Disqualification. The latter was chosen.

Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton

Barrett came out to a mixed reaction. He cut a promo in a South African accent, which got a great reaction out of the WWE fans in attendance. He said South Africa has a snake problem and that the Barrett Barrage would be dealing with it. This brought out Randy Ortonwho got a huge reaction and several fans rushed to the open pathways to take a closer look. Before getting into the ring, Orton scoped the ringside area, an obvious reference to the fan attack from the night before. Barrett dominated through the early part of the match. Barrett found a kendo stick and continued to beat on Orton. Barrett continued to mock the South African accent in between attacks. Orton countered mid-way and hit all his signature moves. Randy began hearing "voices" and th crowd erupted as he prepped for the RKO, which he hit securing a victory in a 15-minute match of the night.

Lilian Garcia announced an intermission.

Tons of Funk vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

Tons of Funk came out to a huge pop. Brodus and Tensai are big men and the kids loved them. Sandow and Rhodes followed together to a mixed reaction. After only a few minutes of Sandow not agreeing to get in the ring with Brodus, Cody began to berate Sandow and got a nice reaction from the fans. Cody then attacked Sandow (Rhodes had not yet turned face on TV in South Africa) and Tons of Funk looked confused and cleared the ring. Sandow escaped. Cody got on the mic and asked the fans if we're happy with Sandow just leaving. Cody challenged Sandow and the match got underway. Cody was over in a huge way and hit all his signature moves, even the moonsault which looked awesome live. Cody won the match following Cross Rhodes. He got a massive reaction and spent a large amount of time with fans at ringside.

Lilian Garcia entered the ring to announce the World Heavyweight Championship Fatal-Four-Way Match. Before the superstars came out, Lilian was giving out WWE Live Programs and t-shirts. Out first was Jack Swagger with Zeb Colter. Swagger got a lukewarm response.Dolph Ziggler was out next to a pop and Sheamus followed with a bigger pop. Alberto del Rio was last out to a mixed reception and despite being heel, came out in a face-like manner acknowledging the fans in attendance. The four got in the ring and Del Rio tossed his T-shirt into the crowd. The crowd wanted Ziggler to do the same (particularly the females in attendance). He took off his shirt and was looking for an appeal from the crowd. Shemaus grabbed Ziggler's shirt and threw it into the crowd. A brawl ensued after with Swagger getting thrown out by Sheamus and Del Rio thrown out by Ziggler. The two began a counter-spree, with the Show-Off strutting around the ring after he escaped Sheamus' headlock. Sheamus mocked the strut and got a huge reaction out of the fans. Swagger came back in only for Sheamus to kick him out again. Part-way through the match, Alberto del Rio took control and seemed to turn on the fans (after coming out face). Sheamus was taken out on the outside by Swagger who came back into the ring to hit the Swagger bomb on Ziggler. The finish came when Swagger got hold of Ziggler in the gutwrench position only to have Sheamus come out of nowhere and hit the brogue kick on Swagger, Ziggler having rolled out in the ensuing chaos. Del Rio then threw Sheamus out and stole the victory after pinning a laid-out Swagger. Del Rio cheered with most of the crowd booing him but he still had some support from the younger fans. Sheamus and Ziggler came back into the ring and ejected Del Rio and celebrated in the ring to close the show. Sheamus and Ziggler spent some time at ringside to slap hands with fans and walked back up the ramp to the back.

Lilian Garcia got back to the ring to thank audience and that she will see Cape Town soon. The crowd gave her a huge cheer.

Overall this was a very good show and the better of the two nights in Cape Town. The show was about 3 hours long and featured some really good matches. Despite the fact that there was no Cena, Punk or Bryan the show was excellent and was above expectations. A couple of things worth noting is that the Intercontinental Championship was advertised to appear, but Curtis Axel ended up on the Australian tour.Finlay was also spotted at ringside who came out during the Divas match and stayed at ringside for the remainder of the show. Again, the arena was a near-sellout but it's well documented that the WWE tours are financially successful in South Africa. Very, very good show.

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