More Details On AJ Lee's WWE Return & Standing In The Company


AJ Leereturned to WWE on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, going over Paige to win back the WWE Divas Championship.

Lee has been away from WWE since April on approved time off. There was never any heat on Lee as she was told to take as much time off as she wanted and there have been plans to reintroduce her to the WWE audience before SummerSlam. Vince McMahon views AJ as the company's top Diva and used her time off to evaluate the division. AJ spent the time off with CM Punk and the two are believed to have gotten married last month. She remained in constant contact with the WWE office but was never pressured to give updates on Punk.

Rumors swirled at the end of last month that AJ was pregnant, however, no one in WWE thought that was the case. In our latest update, we noted how AJ was in "great standing" with Vince McMahon. Not only is Vince a fan of AJ's work on-screen but he likes her as a person as well.

Regarding Lee's current booking, she was part of a double turn on this week's episode of Raw with Paige turning heel.

You can watch AJ Lee's return at this link or embedded in the video below:

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