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Details On Chris Jericho/NJPW, HHH at Indy Show


Thomas Fenton Reports:

Triple H appeared in C‌tardiff at an (ICW) Insane Championship Wrestling show along with WWE'S United Kingdom Champion, Pette Dunne, Bate, and Trent. This was done to help get buzz for the show in a Company that WWE is supporting:

NJPW (New Japan Pro Wrestling) is returning to Long Beach, two weeks before WWE's WrestleMania on March 25th. They will run an bigger venue as they are using the Long Beach State Arena, which will be able to hold an capacity of 5 thousand plus fans. With many of the stars of this Show working WrestleMania Week, as well as New Orleans. It will be an 2 week trip in the United States for most.


At the time of writing, I have no new information on WWE's knowledge of Chris Jericho working with NJPW Wrestle Kingdom, they were however aware in advance of the On the Boat Tour, as Jericho originally asked HHH if he could use the NXT crew crew. However HHH was not interested at that time. I can all but conclude Kenny Omega as well as NJPW will also be on the cruise as a likely working relationship, as it has recently developed into one. We Will have more news on Jericho and NJPW this evening, be sure to follow us for the latest information on this development. 


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