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Details On Adam Rose's Domestic Violence Hearing

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Adam Rose

Adam Rose appeared in a Florida court Thursday in his domestic violence case. TMZhas the footage, noting that his wife begged the judge to cut him a break.

Rose, who was suspended for 60 days from WWE following his second violation of their Wellness Policy, was arrested at 1:30 AM Wednesday after allegedly grabbing his wife, Cassandra Leppan, by her face during an argument. He was charged with tampering with a witness and domestic battery.

TMZreports the argument was due to “martial problems” and when Cassandra called 911, Adam ripped the phone away from her. That’s why he was hit with the tampering charge, which is a felony.

Today in court, the judge wanted to hit Rose with a restraining order to keep him from contacting his wife. She begged the court to reconsider because she wants him to come home. During the hearing, Cassandra explained they have a special needs child who needs both parents.

Rose’s lawyer argued he acted out of passion but not aggression. The judge brought up a previous domestic violence incident in March and expressed concern about a pattern of abusive behavior. However, the judge held off on the restraining order and set bond at $1000. The judge ordered Rose to see his pastor for counseling once a week until his next court date in June.

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WWE noted on Wednesday Rose is now suspended indefinitely.

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