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Details On Ryback-John Cena, Turning Ryback Heel

While there was a panic to write The Rock off of this week's WWE Raw on Monday afternoon, the plan all along was to have Ryback attack John Cena on this week's show.

I haven't heard if there are plans to program them leading into Extreme Rules but that doesn't seem far off considering the conclusion of Raw. However, it should be noted that WWE made it a point to acknowledge Rock was still the number one contender.

As for Ryback working as a heel, he's been pushing for a turn for months. As we've reported on Premium, Ryback has realized he has a better chance of working as the top heel rather than surpassing Cena as the company's top babyface. However, his ultimate goal, and he hasn't been shy about saying it, is to surpass Cena.

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