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Details On The Rock Appearing at Wrestlemania 34 and His Potential Role

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The Rock

Thomas Fenton Reports:

The dream match that Vince McMahon has always wanted was Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock and this has been the case for the last 5 years. However, due to insurance policies with the Rock, this match could simply not happen.

3 Years ago at Wrestlemania 31 The Rock and Ronda shot an in-ring segment with Triple H and Stephanie at the time was to set up a Wrestlemania match down the line.

Fast Forward to January of this year, after Ronda agreed to terms with the WWE, the next step in following up the Wrestlemania angle was acquiring commitment from The Rock on doing the match at Wrestlemania 34. At the time, unfortunately, The Rock had prior commitments and was unable to guarantee he would be available that weekend of the show. This triggered WWE to go with a plan B which was also written into storyline months before that Kurt Angle would team with Ronda.

Over the course of this week, someone in the Rocks camp either accidentally or on purpose leaked information that The Rock would be traveling to New Orleans next weekend. I have asked around to find out if this is indeed true and if he had a role at Wrestlemania. I was told there were no guarantees that he would be at the event however that the possibility of him being there is a real thing. Later in the week betting odds skyrocketed that the Rock would, in fact, be at Mania. Over the last 24 hours, I received more information in regards to this situation, I was told it is still not a sure thing that The Rock will be there. That being said WWE already has 2 potential ideas planned if The Rock is at the event which first off tells me this is much more serious than it was at any point this year and even a bigger possibility than 72 hours ago. 2 ideas going around are that The Rock does his cameo similar to the Eric Rowan angle a few years back in which he interrupts Elasis concert at Mania. The other would be some sort of role in the tag match with Angle and Ronda vs. Triple H and Stephanie. This situation is obviously still developing, however, the fact alone that ideas are being pitched tells us it is more than a possibility. I hope to have more on this for you early next week.

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