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More Details Revealed On Enzo Amore's Backstage Heat

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Enzo Amore

Enzo Amore is quickly become a member of the endangered species list in WWE.

Prior to the incident with the dancer sounding off in reguards to Enzo, which was confirmed based on photos and videos from the club, there was the tour bus incident, which was referenced on "Bring it to the Table" last week on the WWE Network.

Many workers on the bus were trying to chill, rest and sleep but Enzo was being loud on his phone and was asked multiple times to keep it down. Enzo ignored everyone and continued his conversation in which he was being disrespectful to the buisness, talking negatively about his push and how much more money he could be making. He was then tossed off the bus by locker room leader Roman Reigns.

Late last week, WWE considered moving him down to 205 Live or possibly even NXT.

That looks to possibly be off the table at this point, as over the weekend Enzo thought it was a great idea to invite friends backstage at an event which was not cleared. The friends took photos of workers without asking and were basically acting like idiots. Some small items were missing as well; this looks to be the nail in Enzo's run as many people I have spoken with said he has no one left fighting for him and his days are numbered.

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