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Developing Stories: Daniel Bryan Neck Surgery, WWE's Domestic TV Deal

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There are two very big stories we'll be tracking today, both with long-term implications with a direct impact to WWE.

The first is WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan is scheduled to undergo neck surgery in Pittsburgh, PA under the care of Dr. Joseph C. Maroon on Thursday. Bryan has a legitimate neck injury and WWE is waiting until after the surgery to make a decision regarding the future of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. While the word at Raw on Monday was that Bryan's surgery would be minimally invasive, WWE is not saying anything until they know more. An announcement regarding the future of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be made on next week's Monday Night Raw in London, England.

The second story we're tracking is WWE possibly announcing their new domestic TV agreement. The stage is set for a possible announcement of a new agreement with NBCUniversal at NBCUniversal Cable’s Upfront in New York City on Thursday evening. We have all of the details you need to know available at this link.

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