Diamond Dallas Page Discusses CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho At Wrestlemania Tonight


Josh Stewart has a new article online over on Newsday.com featuring quotes from Diamond Dallas Page. Below is an excerpt:

“Wrestling is the first reality show. With a reality show you never what is real and what is not,” Page told newsday.com Saturday via phone just before leaving for the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

“Punk’s all wound up … and has 10 years less time in the ring than he [Jericho] has,” DDP explained, also noting Jericho’s shots on TV about the supposed substance abuse problems for Punk’s relatives. “Everybody’s trying to get this emotional fire up, because you want to see this fight. You want to see this explode. And it’s funny to me. But you don’t know what’s reality and what’s not. That’s where it comes alive. That’s why wrestling works.”

“I just know he [Jericho] wants to blow the roof off the place, but that’s what Punk wants, too,” DDP said. “There’s a lot of great matches on this card. They’re all vying for the ‘steal the show’ spot. It’ll be interesting to see. I think this is one of the best WrestleManias. I’m looking forward to it.”

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