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Does It Matter If Brock Lesnar Works Wrestlemania 31?

The relationship between WWE and their current World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar appears to be on the verge of collapse if not beyond repair less than a month from his main event match at Wrestlemania 31 against Roman Reigns.

There are issues although the specific reason why he left last week’s Monday Night Raw in Nashville, TN without appearing is not completely known. Brock doesn’t want to sign a contract extension [with WWE], he wants to become a free agent and field offers. He’s unhappy with how WWE has merchandised him. And he doesn’t want to talk about something someone else said.

Brock sent a powerful message to WWE over the weekend when he showed up at UFC 184 in Los Angeles, CA, where he was photographed talking to UFC President Dana White.

Long-time fans of WWE are not surprised as Brock was known for being a prima donna in his first stint, which culminated with him choosing to leave and do anything else. He went out in rather unspectacular fashion with one of the biggest Wrestlemania flops of all-time against Bill Goldberg in 2004. His post-UFC return to WWE that began in 2012 has been different as Brock has largely remained disconnected and just done what he’s been told to do.

Now WWE is in the all-too-familiar position of one of their top Superstars being disgruntled and apparently even refusing to appear. While everyone we’ve spoken to suggests the Wrestlemania 31 main event is still in tact, does it even matter?

Brock Lesnar has drawn for WWE since returning a few years ago, the numbers prove it. But the luster is wearing off and his appearances have become so infrequent, more and more fans have grown tired (if not downright annoyed) of him barely showing up. The WWE World Heavyweight Championship has been as anonymous as the former Raw General Manager and is arguably becoming as forgettable as the company’s undercard belts.

Aside from Brock rarely appearing on TV — which Vince McMahon feels makes him a must-see attraction — he’s only had two title defenses (Night of Champions ’14 and Royal Rumble ’15). Out of those title defenses, only one has been successful, with him “losing” to John Cena via disqualification last September.

Win, lose or no-show at Wrestlemania 31, the only thing people will remember about Brock Lesnar’s other 10 matches since 2012 is that one included him going over The Undertaker. Let’s also not forget that match suffered because Undertaker was injured early on and Brock was left to do most of the work on his own.

Lesnar’s best match to date — at Royal Rumble ’15 — was immediately overshadowed by the disastrous booking of the 30-man Royal Rumble match for the second year in a row.

Cena buried Brock out of the gate at Extreme Rules 2012 and Triple H got his Wrestlemania moment against him by going over in 2013. Other than that, Brock has been paid a whole lot of money to simply be a “Superstar presence” or Vince McMahon’s must-see attraction. Could it be more of an ego thing for Vince, who was determined that Brock’s first post-UFC shows would be in his ring?

I could be in the minority as I was texting with friend on Sunday night that talked about how screwed WWE would be if Brock didn’t work Wrestlemania 31. While I refuse to believe Brock wouldn’t just work the match to collect on his contract, WWE could replace him if they wanted too.

Announce the title has been vacated and put Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan in a Fatal 4-Way match at Wrestlemania 31. Have Reigns pin Orton and then let Rollins “cash in” the Money in the Bank briefcase. Now, there are storylines for the rest of the year with Reigns not getting a fair shake, Orton vying for revenge to prove he still “has it” and Daniel Bryan still not ever losing the title he won at Wrestlemania 30 last year.

I seriously doubt the above would even be considered but my point is, Brock Lesnar has done enough in WWE. There is nothing left and it’s time to get the title back on TV every week and on the road at live events. All of us are ready to see “up and coming” talent get their chance and Brock being disgruntled just provides another opportunity to do it.

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