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Does Jim Ross Believe The Undertaker Is Retired?

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Jim Ross updated the Q&A section on his official website. There was one answer in particular that caught our eye and it has to do with the status of The Undertaker and whether or not he’s retired from WWE:

Hi Jim, I'm a huge undertaker fan and hope he is not retired. Everyone is saying that he hung his boots up after wrestlemania 32 but what do you think?

"Don't you think that if the Undertaker had retired from WWE that would have all known about it? Taker is not retired.”

While it’s certainly possible Jim has heard something we haven’t, the last we heard, Undertaker had indicated privately he was finished. This wouldn’t be the first time he’s done so but a source close to Vince McMahon believes that Vince thinks he could in fact be finished. That, however, will not stop Vince from trying to get Undertaker back in the ring as Vince wants him to face John Cena as soon as SummerSlam but it’s an interesting situation we’ll continue to follow.

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