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Dolph Ziggler Has Serious Concussion, No Timetable For Return

Jim Ross has a new blog entry on his official website where he writes about the concussion suffered by World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler at this week's Smackdown taping. Below is an excerpt:

WWE World Champion Dolph Ziggler has a serious concussion which may be a redundant statement because what concussion isn't serious? There's no timeline as to Ziggler's return as WWE will be particularly cautious in dealing with any injury but especially a head injury.

Scary thought is that years ago, in the territory days specifically, wrestlers worked through a litany of injuries including concussions because if they didn't wrestle they didn't get paid. For those that constantly love to embrace the "good, old days" as the be all, end all, keep that in mind. I miss many aspects of yesteryear as much as any lifelong fan but how talents were medically treated back in the day is unsettling.

Certainly the same can be said of the NFL as the horror stories as told by former players and coaches of the "good, old days" sound similar to pro wrestling in previous generations.

The medical advances in WWE are extremely understated. A team doctor is at every WWE event including a licensed, certified athletic trainer. Medical evaluations done on an annual basis and to all who enter the developmental program are extensive and through.

Jerry Lawler would be dead today if it had not been for the medical procedures that WWE has in place.

It worries me to think of the issues that many independent wrestlers face as it relates to injuries in today's world because many of them do not have affordable access to needed medical care and many of the promotions and promoters can't afford it either.

The new, WWE Performance Center will always have a full time trainer on hand, ready access to medical personnel and a full time Strength and Conditioning coach who will help the athletes get stronger and more fit as that will help prevent some injuries.

New talents coming to WWE go through a through, extensive process including through medical evaluation before they are allowed to report to work.

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