Dolph Ziggler Reveals The Inspiration For His #HEEL Catchphrase, Why He Connects So Well With Fans, More


Dolph Ziggler is the latest WWE Superstar to be interviewed by Marvel in their "Fightin' Fanboys" series. In the interview, Ziggler discusses his favorite superheroes, how he keeps his matches fresh, his Tag Team Championship match at this Sunday's Over The Limit PPV, and more.

In the following excerpt, Ziggler discusses the origins of the #HEEL catchphrase:

"Honestly before I was in the business, I was huge Chevy Chase fan because I am a comedy fan no matter what. One of my favorite movies of all time is 'Fletch' and in the movie, during one of those times you can tell he was ad-libbing, he’s saying things under his breath like 'I’m such a heel' to this lady. I always thought that was a great line and that I’m going to use that. It turns out in the lingo of professional wrestling and sports entertainment that 'heel' also equates to being a bad guy, which I think do better than anyone else, so I thought it fit perfectly."

Ziggler went on to discuss how he connects so well with the fans, even as a heel:

"I think in this day and age you’re not looking for beer-bellied guys with a black single strap that yell at a kid or something. Some people are cockier than others and a lot of people are just being themselves as their character. For the most part I get to be myself—day in and day out I try to show off in everything I do. I’ve loved being the bad guy since I was five years old, and in college I had calls changed and crowds rooting against me [as an amateur wrestler]. I love it and I live for it because I actually back it up, just like my t-shirt says. I love being the bad guy who actually backs it up in the ring. I love competition, I love outdoing everybody in the ring, but I love the fact that I can cheat when I want, do what I want and be cocky about it. The people give you respect for being great at your job and they also hate you for doing what you do."

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