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Dolph Ziggler Working To Be “The Man” In 2015

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Dolph Ziggler is featured in the weekly interview segment with Michael Cole. Below are some highlights:

  • Cole started by talking about the new WWE Intercontinental Champion and his elevation starting at Survivor Series. In-character, Ziggler discussed not letting anyone down.
  • Cole talked about momentum for him building and building since he help put an end to The Authority. Cole talked about Ziggler’s match against Luke Harper [at WWE TLC] being one of the best Ladder Matches he’s ever been a part of. Ziggler said every step of the way of that match he just couldn’t let anyone down. He knew it would start a rebirth for the Intercontinental title and make it “that stepping stone.”
  • Michael asked Ziggler why this time, his fourth IC title reign, is different. Ziggler said in the past, knowing he wasn’t the guy but now with more of the WWE Universe behind him, if he could make the Ladder Match one of the best things people have ever seen it would make the title mean more. Cole said the bout stole the show and Dolph agreed.
  • Cole talked about another career accomplishment for Ziggler this week, beating Seth Rollins on Smackdown. Ziggler said he’s been “this close” but let everyone down but finally he got the win against him.
  • Ziggler talked about this being the first step and for everyone being very close to busting through the glass ceiling, let him be the one to do it.
  • Ziggler says he isn’t all hype but the hardest working man in sports entertainment. He doesn’t sleep at night much because he thinks of tiny mistakes he makes. Cole wished him good luck at becoming the man in WWE in 2015.

You can watch the interview at this link or embedded in the video below:

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