Dot Com Keeps Hogan In The Limelight Amid WWE Rumors, Totally Natalya Inbox

Hulk Hogan

- Dot com posted 187 "unique images" of Hulk Hogan at this link. The timing is interesting given rumors the Hulkster is headed back to WWE. I wouldn't read too much into it, however, as Joey Styles admitted the company pays attention to what's on the Internet and uses it to attract visitors. Further, Hogan's image is being used to promote WWE 2K14 and they want people associated Hogan with "30 Years of Wrestlemania." We can confirm there's currently no deal between WWE and Hogan.

- The latest episode of WWE Inbox is subtitled "Totally Natalya" and is online at this link. You can also watch it in the video embedded below:

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