Drake Wuertz Says It Wasn't Him Following Night Of Champions Fan Incident

Drake Younger

We’ve had some readers ask if the fan that jumped in the ring prior to Chris Jericho’s surprise return as the mystery partner of Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns was WWE NXT referee Drake Wuertz (a/k/a Drake Younger). He seemed to deny that on Twitter with the following:

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While conspiracy theorists will imply the fan incidents are kayfabe, what happened last night, by all accounts, was a shoot. The cameras quickly pulled in tight and the unruly obsessed fan was quickly dealt with by security. WWE even issued a statement regarding the incident. I penned an article here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, calling for increased security measures.

The argument is that it’s up to event staff and not WWE to protect their performers, I disagree. It should be a coordinated effort between WWE and the venues along with local law enforcement to ensure this type of thing doesn’t continue happening. At this point I believe WWE needs to hire increased security at ringside. The increased expense would certainly be worth it if it prevented anyone from getting hurt by an obsessed fan.

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