It's that time once again for Shark Week. We all know Shark Week: that time on The Discovery Channel when it's all sharks all the time. This year has quite the few celebrities lined up such as the cast of Jackass, William Shatner, and Tiffany Haddish. This year's Shark Week is also a little different as it's the first year that Discovery+ has existed providing an extra home for more shows. So why are we talking about Shark Week on a wrestling site? Shark Rumble of course! It's a 22 minute special seeing Drew McIntyre go swimming with the sharks and I'm here to tell you all about it.


First of all, the name. I get it: rumble, wrestling, yes haha, but it's kind of lame. Getting past the name, I had a really great time with the show. The show opens with Drew and some seals(maybe Sea lions they didn't say) cutting a wonderful promo together. It was so cute and the animals are so well trained. The show took place at the Georgia Aquarium and had a big focus on encouraging people to learn more about sharks and that they aren't as scary as movies make them seem. Another focus was on ending shark hunting and pushing for preservation. Drew talked a lot in this episode about being afraid of sharks his whole life, and avoiding oceans, and when he was younger, even pools. As someone with phobias myself, seeing him discuss this with no shame but desire to grow felt so wonderful. There was no humiliation or jokes at his expense about the sharks, but just an environment of encouragement. Drew also talked a bit about his love of wrestling and what he wants to do as a wrestler giving back to the community and world at large. 


The show was cohosted by Luke Tipple, who shark people know as a marine biologist and frequent Shark Week host, but who I know as host of one season reality show flops Opposite Worlds and Capture(but God I love those shows). The show has a really great energy, and there's a very cool interview segment shot on a moving walkway. Its a very fun time, and like I said it's 22 minutes so it's a breezy watch. If you have any interest I suggest you check out this fun, but very odd, special. 

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