Drew McIntyre On Creation Of 3MB, Friendship With Alberto Del Rio, Days Off

Drew McIntyre

Sky Sports has a new Q&A online with Drew McIntyre. Below are the highlights:

The creation of 3MB:

Heath, Jinder and I hung out a lot together and are all good friends, and one day the big men decided that we should form a band on TV. I had a wrist injury at the time so it kept me occupied and it has been a lot of fun to show a different side of my personality.

Friendship with Alberto Del Rio:

You can probably imagine how a Scot and a Mexican became such good mates! We are very similar personality-wise, we both love wrestling - he grew up in a wrestling family and I've always wanted to be a wrestler - and we are both very passionate about what we do and very driven.

How he spends his days off:

I just like to chillax and it is easy to do that in Tampa, Florida because it is so sunny. That said, it can get too sunny and make you feel like you're melting. I keep up with my training and go to bars, too. I just wish there were more old-fashioned pubs.

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