Drew McIntyre Says It's A Dream Come True To Have Made It To WWE


The Daily Record has a new article online featuring quotes from Drew McIntyre. Below is an excerpt:

"I never get nervous before a show but I get nervous when we come to Scotland. "It's just awesome and a real dream come true for me to have made it in the WWE and then come back to Scotland to see the fans. "It's unbelievable, my favourite show of the year. The only other thing that is like it is Wrestlemania, the fans are amazing. "It blows my mind to be here, meeting my friends and family who supported me all those years ago, and to be here for a WWE show where this is my job. "It's only when I come home to Scotland and see where it all started that I can sit down and take it all in. "All I ever remember as a young boy was people telling me it was an American thing and just an unrealistic fantasy. "It's a fantasy to want to play for Rangers or Celtic, which was about 30 minutes from me, but when I said I wanted to join WWE, they said it was like wanting to fly to the moon without a spaceship. "At a lot of the early shows, there were a hundred-or-so people there.

"But it's all a bit different now."

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