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Why Drew McIntyre Wasn't At This Week's WWE Raw Taping

Drew McIntyre wasn't at Monday's WWE Raw taping in Birmingham, England due to his mother being sick. McIntyre posted the following on Twitter:

For those who know me, they are aware I'm not the most emotional person in the world but this is something that as private as it is I want to share with the world because I am so lucky and proud. My mother is currently very ill and if you have the time please send a prayer her way, she has battled through ataxia since her early 20s being told she would never have children to raising my brother and I to the men we are today. She has overcame so many obstacles thrown her way over her life not selling the pain for one moment putting everyone else first including battling through chemo and radiotherapy. Sitting with her now I can still see fight in her eyes, she is Angela Galloway, my mother and my hero.

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