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Early Favorites For Every Match At Wrestlemania 31

Roman Reigns (over Brock Lesnar), Sting (over Triple H), The Undertaker (over Bray Wyatt), John Cena (over Rusev), Randy Orton (over Seth Rollins), Dean Ambrose (for the IC title), Damien Sandow (Battle Royal) and Paige & AJ Lee (over The Bella Twins open the infamous international betting odds for Wrestlemania 31, according to

Additionally, Seth Rollins is favored to NOT “cash in” the Money in the Bank briefcase.

What does this mean?

Not much of anything other than betting for WWE’s biggest show of the year has begun and the odds will now be popping up all over the place.

This marks our first comprehensive look at people trying to predict what will happen in 10 days.

International betting odds for WWE pay-per-view events have become very popular amongst the IWC but aren’t always telling of what will actually happen. Last year, Bray Wyatt was favored to beat John Cena, Undertaker was expected to dismiss Brock Lesnar and Cesaro wasn’t even in the top 5 to win the inaugural Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. And those were odds hours from show time, not from the initial lines released.

As far as creative plans go, we’re continuing to monitor and will post if we hear anything. Usually, Vince McMahon keeps the outcomes very close to his vest and I guarantee hasn’t made up his mind on a number of the matches. Even when he does, he’s been known to change his mind numerous times even hours before show time.

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