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Early WWE SummerSlam 2020 Betting Odds

SummerSlam, one of the four 'major' WWE events, airs in a few weeks (Aug. 23) with plenty of betting odds currently available. 888sport has roughly 20 different wagers for bettors to sink into, as we have a complete breakdown for all of them.

Dominik Mysterio vs Seth Rollins Betting Odds

  • Current Favorite: Dominik Mysterio (-139)
  • Current Underdog: Seth Rollins (+100)

Mysterio enters as the favorite, which isn't too much of a surprise. In a story where a man took another man's eye out, it would seem a bit dark for WWE to let the villain come out on top.

This seems to have Dominik winning written all over, likely from outside interference by Rey or another superstar such as Aleister Black. Rollins can afford a loss in this circumstance, especially if it serves as a stepping stone into another rivalry.

For now, Mysterio presents low enough odds to place a wager on, but Rollins given an implied winning probability at 50% makes you wonder. Rollins should never be tossed aside in any match when betting on a winner, as this is no different.

The best advice here is to wait and see how the odds shift. If you're sold on Dominik, now is a pretty safe time to take him. If not, then wait a bit longer because there is almost never a situation in which Seth Rollins should be considered to lose when betting.

Apollo Crews vs MVP Betting Odds

  • Current Favorite: Apollo Crews (-250)
  • Current Underdog: MVP (+175)
  • Title Holder to End Event: Apollo Crews (-278) / MVP (+190)

Apollo Crews opens as the official favorite in his United States Championship match against MVP. This makes sense for multiple reasons, one of which is that Crews seems to be legit in the eyes of many fans and WWE officials. 

That is why he holds the current title, along with being the favorite. What makes him such a lopsided favorite is that he just won his match on Monday Night Raw against MVP. It seems that all the momentum is with Crews in the ring and backstage, but MVP should be considered here.

The conclusion of Monday Night Raw saw MVP take control of 'RAW Underground' with both Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin. It would seem ideal to introduce the United States Championship into that picture, unless WWE has completely separate plans for the belt.

At this point, its hard to tell if MVP's faction will even control RAW Underground when SummerSlam roles around, but the +175 odds for MVP are also a bit low. Oddsmakers are a bit weary going completely against MVP, despite the pricey odds Apollo has. 

The best advice for now is to avoid this match when betting, but keep an eye on MVP's odds. They might be worth taking if his implied probability inches closer to 50%. The RAW Underground story may or may not come into play, but is equally worth noting if any WWE bettor plans to wager on this match. 

WWE Universal Championship Betting Odds

  • Current Favorite: Bray Wyatt (-500)
  • Current Underdog(s): Otis (+950) / Braun Strowman (+300)
  • MITB Cash In Successful: No (-177) / Yes (+125)
  • MITB Cash In Show: Weekly Show (-118) / Network Event (-118)

This has Bray Wyatt written all over it. It should noted that this bet is currently for which WWE superstar will leave SummerSlam as champion. The idea Otis cashes on either Wyatt or Braun Strowman is crazy, crazy enough for Vince to pull the trigger.

Remember that Otis won the MITB briefcase by 'stumbling' upon it, as it fell into his hands. There is reason to believe that after a brutal match between Bray and Braun that leaves both men laying in exhaustion, Otis stumbles upon them and cashes in.

The odds don't see this occurring though, at least not at SummerSlam - with Otis' current odds of -177 that he won't be successful. For odds at +125 though, they are worth taking. His cash in can be at any time of the year for bettors to hit on, along with a cash-in on the WWE Championship.

The men's briefcase has been lack luster for three years as well. Both Baron Corbin and Strowman were unsuccessful, while Lesnar stole the case and presented the most confusing cash in ever. It's possible WWE gives Otis the case win, whenever it occurs, and for plus-value it might be worth taking.

As for Bray, pass on his odds. -500 is far too expensive despite the story looking like The Fiend will win the belt at SummerSlam. Even Strowman's +300 odds seem a bit low for what is expected to occur, which is Bray Wyatt as Universal champion.

Street Profits vs Andrade & Angel Garza Betting Odds

  • Current Favorite: Street Profits (-150)
  • Curent Underdog: Andrade & Garza (+108)
  • Title Holder to End Event: Street Profits (-215) / Andrade & Garza (+150)
  • Involved in Result: Andrade (+115) / Garza (-162)

The WWE Raw Tag Team Championship odds are a bit intriguing, and paint a picture. It seems that Garza will lose the match, and possibly be the reason for Andrade splitting ways with him.

However, the appeal to let Andrade & Garza win and add merit for Zelina Vega's faction seems reasonable. For the current +108 odds, it seems the bet to make is actually for Andrade & Garza to end the event with the belts at +150.

If you are picking Street Profits, that's perfectly fine. Oddsmakers expect Garza to lose the match (which would cause a split more than likely), so if you agree then take the favorites. 

However, if you think WWE will throw the belts onto a new team (such as SmackDown) then avoid the win market and take the underdogs in the 'title hold to end event' market. You are simply getting better value for the same result.

SmackDown Women's Championship Betting Odds

  • Current Favorite: Bayley (-250)
  • Current Underdog(s): Naomi (+225) / Sasha Banks (+550)

Unless you have a ton of money to throw on a favorite, avoid this market. Bayley seems to be getting the year push, which means she would have to hold the belt until September. The fact Naomi is on the betting ticket and women such as Lacey Evans, Nikki Cross and Sonya Deville aren't is also very telling.

It seems Naomi may in fact get the title match against Bayley, but fall short. Sasha being on the betting ticket is expected, as everyone anticipates her being involved in the SmackDown title picture at some point (Survivor Series in November is champion vs champion matches). 

Bayley holding the belt until September at minimum seems likely, but -250 is a bit expensive for most bettors. If you think Bayley vs Sasha at Survivor Series is likely in some form, then take your money to a different market within SummerSlam's early odds.

Raw Women's Championship Betting Odds

Current Favorite(s): Sasha Banks (-118) / Asuka (-118)

As you can see, Sasha Banks is much cheaper in the Raw Women's Championship market. Just like the above market, this one will also see a bettor hit successfully if the selected wager ends the show as champion.

If you fancy Banks vs Bayley in some way at Survivor Series, then take Banks at -118 instead of Bayley at -250. The obvious reason is that it is cheaper, but Banks also has one less opponent on the market. 

It does seem that Banks vs Asuka is on a crash course for SummerSlam, but Shayna Baszler has now made her presence felt. Asuka may not even be in the match, in which case Banks presents an even better bet. There is a situation, however, in which Baszler and Asuka find themselves facing Banks at SummerSlam.

If that occurs then Banks may present better odds than the current -118 to win. The best advice for the Bayley-Banks betting market is to wait. Bayley is too expensive, although could be considered cheap for the lock it actually is. Banks is worth a possible take right now (for either belt), but her story could go a few ways with multiple opponents, in turn resulting in better odds. 

Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton Betting Odds

  • Current Favorite: Randy Orton (-125)
  • Current Underdog: Drew McIntyre (-112)
  • Title Holder to End Event: McIntyre (-139) / Orton (+100)
  • McIntyre '1-Count' Kickouts: OVER 4.5 (+140) / UNDER 4.5 (-200)
  • Total Claymores Hit: OVER 1.5 (+190) / UNDER 1.5  (-278)
  • Total RKOs Hit: OVER 1.5 (+150) / UNDER 1.5 (-215)
  • First Move Hit: Glasgow kiss (-167) / Orton Draping DDT (+120)

This market clearly presents the most fun for SummerSlam betting. It's a lot so let's start simple - the 'to win' market. Orton is the favorite, barely, as McIntyre presents favorable odds as the underdog. The fact that McIntyre is favored in the 'title holder to end event' market seems like a non-clean finish is in the works.

This makes sense for multiple reasons, as it would allow for more matches between the two to boil over. Note that WWE is running an event almost immediately after SummerSlam, in which a rematch between the two is likely.

Edge and/or Flair interfering is very possible, but that also makes picking a winner tricky. If Flair interferes and gets caught then Drew bettors win. If Edge interferes and gets caught then Orton wins. Either of those situations hits for McIntyre 'title holder to end event' bettors though. 

Many believe Orton is going to win the match, and if that's where your heart lies then Orton at +100 to end the show as champion is the bet to make. As discussed earlier, it only makes sense to take a cheaper bet for the same result. Let's skip the 'kickout' market because McIntyre going OVER 4.5 is unlikely, and -200 is too expensive for a silly wager.

The move set market is fun to consider, and provides some good value. If Flair or Edge show themselves during the match, OVER 1.5 Claymores at +190 is the best value in this market to take. Orton himself could take two Claymores in the match. The Orton DDT at +120 is also worth considering.

Signature moves are usually hit first buy the heel in a match. In storytelling, the 'hero' usually finds himself/herself nearly beaten before making a big triumph to win. I'm not saying McIntyre will win, but the signature move for heels is usually hit first because it implies the hero is near the end of his/her road. 

Any pro wrestling fan knows that a championship match almost never ends on one signature or finishing move. Orton hitting his DDT, only for Drew to reverse the RKO and then hit his Glagsnow Kiss seems to be the most likely sequence. 

Feel free to take the OVER 1.5 RKOs as well. Orton winning or losing won't matter for this market, because he should hit a minimum of two RKOs in either situation. Avoid the 'to win' market for now and focus your money in the move set market if you plan to wager on this match now, or take the 'title holder to end event' market if you fancy the Viper. 

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