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EC3: The Top One Percent

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EC3 NXT Takeover NOLA

Ever since his contract with Impact Wrestling came to an end, the wrestling world had been at the edge of their seats about EC3. His first stint with WWE wasn’t anything but short. However, the man who was originally known as “Derrick Bateman” had shown tons of potential in his few appearances on the main roster. After his departure, he went on to become a world champion with Impact. Being on the independent circuit, along with his tenure with Impact, was like going to college for him. He redefined himself as a powerhouse-type of wrestler.

It was speculated that he had signed with WWE to compete on NXT. When NXT Takeover: Philadelphia took place, he was announced as WWE’s newest signee. Not many people would’ve guessed that he’d actually return to the company due to the fact that he threw shot after shot at WWE and some of its superstars while he was on the Indies and even on air at Impact. In fact, after Drew McIntyre departed from WWE years ago, they teamed up and were looking to make a statement to show WWE what they were missing out on and bashed the company on their mistakes of letting these two men go. If they were looking for attention from Vince McMahon or Triple H, they definitely got it!

EC3 got involved with a match between Drew McIntyre (known as Drew Galloway on the Indies and Impact) and current NXT star Johnny Gargano. He got Drew disqualified while Gargano had him locked in the Gargano Escape by attacking him as he interfered. EC3 got on the microphone and called out Triple H and WWE by telling them that “they’re the ones who blew it” with them. They, realistically, didn’t need a microphone to make that statement.

He finally made his on-air debut as he interrupted General Manager William Regal. The crowd went berserk! All everybody had to hear was “I….am in the TOP….ONE…..PERCENT!” He came out to his pretty badass theme song and cut one of the nicest promos in NXT history.

Truthfully, after seeing him in the WWE ring once again, it’s safe to say that EC3 has grown into his own star. Honestly, he’s already shown potential to be a great wrestler worldwide. But he really shows signs of becoming one of the greatest heels of all-time as well. It’s been so long since the WWE has had as many true heels as they have today. Every great wrestling promotion truly needs a top heel. EC3 is up at the top of that chart with the likes of today’s true heels of WWE like Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, The Miz, and Brock Lesnar.

Surely, a lot of us already can’t wait to see him return to the main roster and see what he will do at the top. He would definitely make a great Universal Champion and can bring more prestige to the title itself. He once told NXT’s viewers: “I am the best guy here, the best guy there, the best guy ANYWHERE. A literal, human money-printing machine. That man is EC3.” He has all the makings of being all of this, too. Just imagine if Roman Reigns finally wins the Universal Championship. I think that when EC3 is called up, they can put on a great feud. I can just see EC3 defeating Reigns for the title after a hellacious matchup! EC3 just might be what Monday Night RAW needs for the show to be back on top and compete with Smackdown. Maybe after Summerslam or Wrestlemania 35, we can see him back at the top level and show the world why he is the top one percent.

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