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Edge Reveals Whether He Expected To Be Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame, A Hypothetical Dream Match With Christian, More

The Miami Herald has posted the second portion (first portion here) of their interview with Edge. In this portion, he discusses his upcoming WWE Hall of Fame induction, a possible sequel to his first book, Adam Copeland on Edge, why he hasn't made a Twitter account yet (and doesn't plan to), and more. In the following excerpt, he explains whether or not he expected to be inducted into the Hall of Fame:

“I assumed it would probably happen. I didn’t think it would happen a year after I retired, which was a huge compliment and humbling in that respect. I thought, 'Oh wow, they thought enough of me that a year after they want to put me in.' I was 37 when they asked, so it’s weird going in."

"However, it was one of those things that when it was announced officially two of the first texts I got were from Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels saying I totally deserved it. So if they were saying this, then I was cool with it. Anybody else can say what they want because they can’t lace up their boots, so that kind of pushed those doubts aside pretty quick."

Edge went on to explain how his retirement affected his ideal plans:

"In a perfect world, and I’ve learned it’s pretty tough to have an exactly perfect world, it would have been great to wrestle Christian at a WrestleMania and have it be in Toronto, have all the guys we trained with and our trainers and our families there to be able to do a double retirement match."

“It didn’t work out that way. There were a lot of people that were shocked when I had to retire. I wasn’t. I was gearing myself toward it, but I assumed it would have been this year. It really did speed up the process. My contract was up in April, so I just wanted to see that through. I knew I was banged up, but I assumed I would get through the year."

Click here to read the full interview.

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